Care Team/Community Outreach – Nora Hanna
Coordinates Holiday Gift Shop/Red Ribbon Week

Cash for Trash – Claudia Cornwell
Coordinates and promotes various programs to earn money for the school.  
(Boxtops, Georgia Natural Gas, etc.)

Celebrate North – Ilona Tsiporkin
Coordinates Celebrate North the NGMS showcase for incoming 6th graders

Special Events (Grade Level)
Coordinates events for year-end activities for 8th graders - Open
Coordinates events for 7th graders as needed – Sherri Atkinson 
Coordinates events for 6th graders as needed – Angela Young

Faculty & Staff- Beth Hortman, Leslie Perlman, Sharon Adams
Coordinates faculty and staff appreciation.

Fundraiser – Executive Committee 
Coordinates fundraising activities.

Legislative – Beth Drummonds
Provides PTSA members communication on current events.

Media Center – Christine Woodring 
Coordinates media center volunteers.

Membership – Beth Drummonds 
Coordinates PTSA membership drive.

NGSF – Tiffany Bellflower 
Educates parents on the NGSF and activities.

Reflections – Kristin Gillespie 
Coordinates national PTSA Arts Program.

Spirit Wear – Sue Mayer, Leigh Carsley, Robin DeFranciso 
Coordinates and sells spirit wear

Visibility Team - Open 
Coordinate volunteers to walk the halls/school grounds.

Volunteers – Nora Hanna 
Coordinate and organize volunteers/volunteer database.

Website – Christine Woodring 
Updates website information.